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Sep 06, 2018

Ballots were counted on April 1st and Teamster Members at Whatcom County overwhelmingly ratified a new two-year labor Agreement for the Master Bargaining Unit. The final document will go to the Whatcom County Council later this month for approval. Thank you to all the dedicated committee members that were vital to the successful outcome!

March 8, 2019

To:      Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit Teamster Members

From:  Rich Ewing, Secretary-Treasurer


We are pleased to inform you, that after several months of negotiations, we have reached a tentative agreement for a successor collective bargaining agreement. These negotiations proved once again to be very difficult and required the assistance of a Mediator to reach an agreement your committee could bring to you for a ratification vote. In the end, it was your continued strong showing of solidarity that allowed your bargaining committee to achieve this tentative agreement.

If ratified, this agreement provides for your current health & welfare plan to be fully funded by the County, retroactively, for the 2019 plan year and provides an increase in funding for 2020, that we anticipate will cover all, or most, of any premium increases. In addition, it provides for retroactive wage increases and other compensation improvements, while protecting important contract language.

A meeting to review this tentative agreement and answer any questions, prior to a mail ballot vote, has been scheduled as follows:

DATE:            March 19, 2019

PLACE:         Bellingham Technical College, Settlemyer Hall

                        3028 Lindbergh Ave. Bellingham

TIME:            5:30pm

Please make every effort to attend this important meeting. If you have any questions, please contact the Local Union office at 360-734-7780.

In Solidarity!

Whatcom County Master Bargaining Update March 6, 2019:

After two long days in mediation, on March 4th & 5th, the Union and the County have reached a tentative agreement for a successor collective bargaining agreement.  Through the mediation process, your Bargaining Committee was able to convince the County to greatly increase the economic package for wages and health & welfare, while protecting important language issues.  All Master Bargaining Unit Teamster members will be able to vote to approve or reject the offer in the near future. A meeting to review and answer question regarding the tentative agreement will be held at a time and location to be determined very soon.

February 19, 2019 Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit negotiation update:

The negotiations that were schedule for February 19th were canceled while we wait for a Mediator to be assigned. Unfortunately, the County has put forth an economic proposal that is well short of being acceptable and they appear unwilling to move any further without the assistance of a Mediator. We will provide an update as soon as we are able to coordinated future dates for mediation.

Thank you for your continued solidarity!

February 1, 2019 Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit update:

The Union and the County met for bargaining on January 29th & 30th. With the vast majority of the language issues resolved, we focused on the economics. We had two days of spirited dialog and exchanging of proposals, but we were not able to reach a tentative agreement.

The County’s negotiating committee representatives have explained to us that they don’t have the authority to offer an economic package that achieves the goals of the bargaining unit. Although your Union Committee would like to rap up these negotiations quickly, we are determined to keep bargaining until we reach an agreement that we can bring to the bargaining unit with a recommendation to approve.

The Parties have one more day of negotiations scheduled for February 19th and we have requested the assistance of a Mediator from the Public Employment Relations Commission. It’s unfortunate that we are once again faced with this stance from the County’s leadership, but our resolve is still as strong as ever. We will keep all Teamsters Local 231 members at Whatcom County apprised of any progress or calls to action that may become necessary to achieve a fair contract settlement.

Thank you for your continued solidarity!

Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit negotiation update 1/16/19:

The Union and the County met for bargaining on January 15th. After a productive day of negotiations, we were able come to tentative agreements on most of the outstanding language proposals, and will be focusing on economics when we meet again on January 29th & 30th. Another update will follow these two bargaining dates.

December 18, 2018 Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit update:

The Union and the County met on December 7th and 14th to continue the bargaining process. We made additional progress on the remaining open language issues and have had preliminary discussions around economics. We have five more bargaining dates scheduled in January and we will provide updates as we make further progress. 

Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit negotiation update 12/4/18:

The Union and the County met for bargaining on November 29th. The County’s negotiator has been ill and they have been unable to meet on two of our scheduled bargaining dates. Despite this fact, we have continued to make good progress on various language issues. Modifying the sick leave Article to be compliant with the new State Sick Leave law has been quite challenging, but we are very close to completing this section. We are scheduled to meet again on December 7th and 14th and will provide further updates as we progress through the process.

November 20, 2018 Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit update:

The Union and the County met for the third bargaining session on November 19th. Both sides exchanged more proposals in various Articles as we continue to work through contract language. We are scheduled to meet again on November 26th and 29th, where our hope is to finalize many language proposals and begin detailed discussions regarding economics. We will post another update following those  meetings.

November 7, 2018 Bargaining Update Whatcom County Master:

The Union and the County met for the second bargaining session on November 5th. The County provided the Union Committee with a comprehensive proposal and responded to some of the Union’s proposals. We are pleased with the progress made in the first two meetings, but several important issues still remain open and will require a great deal of effort, on both sides, to work through. We are scheduled to meet again on November 19th and another update will be posted here following that meeting.

October 23, 2018 Whatcom County Master Bargaining Unit negotiation update.

The Union and the County met for the first bargaining session on October 19th. The Union presented a full proposal, including language and economics. All proposals were explained in detail and questions from the County were discussed. We expect to receive a full proposal from the County when we meet again on November 5th. Another update will be posted here following that meeting.

Thank You to all the Teamsters that showed up for the Whatcom County Master proposal meeting on Saturday, September 15th. Most of the bargaining committee members and alternates have been selected. There were several great proposals brought forward at the meeting and through the surveys that were submitted. 


May 22, 2018

Leaders of local unions that represent UPS Teamsters met on August 9th in Chicago and approved the tentative national agreement, paving the way for members to vote by electronic ballot starting next month.

Regarding the UPS tentative agreement, “Today’s vote was a very strong indication of the support nationwide from local union leaders and it sends the national agreement, regional supplements and riders to the members for a ratification vote,” said Denis Taylor, Director of the Teamsters Package Division and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee. “This agreement provides all our UPS members with tremendous gains in wages, benefits and working conditions and excellent opportunities for part-time workers to gain full-time employment.”

UPS Explanatory Meeting has been scheduled for August 12, 2018 at 9AM at the Teamsters Local 231 hall (1700 North State Street Bellingham, WA). At this meeting, we will be explaining the full contents of all three agreements covering UPS Teamsters at Local 231: the National Master UPS Agreement, the Western Region Supplement, and the Joint Council 28 Rider and Sort Addendum.

It is important to attend the Explanatory Meeting before casting a ballot so that you can hear the full rationale behind every part of the Agreement — directly from the people who negotiated it.

June 5, 2018 UPS Strike Authorization Vote results have been revealed. UPS: 93.19% voted YES to authorize strike. A strong YES vote on the strike authorization shows the Company the power of our solidarity and gives the Negotiating Committees the leverage needed to get theses negotiations moving in the right direction. Here is a link to more information from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters website: https://teamster.org/news/2018/06/ups-ups-freight-members-authorize-strikes-if-necessaryVoting is underway for a strike authorization vote at UPS.

Photos below show Teamsters Local 231 members at UPS Bellingham and Burlington Centers showing their solidarity.


Mar 20, 2018

Milky Way Contract Ratified!

On December 11, 2018 the Milky Way Teamsters Local 231 members ratified a new 3 year contract agreement that included a company paid 401K planthat is in addition to the current Teamsters Pension Plan, a reduction in the costs to the members for the medical plans, protection of the current sick leave benefits and the largest yearly wage increases that the group has seen. In November the group had unanimously authorized an unfair labor practice strike. The company was not bargaining in good faith and refused to add any additional money to retirement. The solidarity of the group allowed them to make several Important gains in this contract. Congratulations to the Teamsters at Milky Way!

AGC Contract Ratified!

All AGC local Unions held their ratification meeting on October 21st. After a productive meeting with Local 231s AGC members, the membership present unanimously voted to ratify the offer presented to them. This was the trend of the day throughout our Joint Council, as the offer was overwhelmingly ratified by the AGC membership.

Aside from very significant pay increases in wages and pension over the next three years, this group will also see an improved medical plan in 2019 with any future increases being picked up by the employer for the duration of the agreement. A lot of hard work went into getting us to this point and we would like to thank our negotiations committee and the membership for staying the course throughout the long process in bringing this to a positive and fruitful close.

ABF Contract Ratified!

The last supplement to the ABF NMFA has now been ratified. Consequently, the new collective bargaining agreement has been approved and will take effect. Pay increases will be retroactive to July 1 as per the new agreement.

It is the union’s understanding that the company will actually implement the new agreement on Sunday, July 29. Also, pay for week ending 7-28-2018 will be processed at the pay rate that includes the July 1, 2018 increase.

Retro pay for weeks ending 7-7-2018, 7-14-2018 and 7-21-2018 will be paid by a separate check processed on or about 8-2-2018, and distributed with the paychecks for the week ending 7-28-2018. The ratification bonus will be processed and distributed within the next 30 days.

On June 13th Lynden Public Works members unanimously ratify a four year contract with, among other gains, 3.25% increases in each of the four years and improving certified premium language. A special thanks goes out to Phil and first time committee member, Josh, for their instrumental and steadfast service to the members throughout negotiations and mediation.

On June 14th Lynden Public Safety members unanimously ratify a four year contract with 3.25% increases in each of the four among other contact specific gains. A special thanks goes out to first time negotiations committee member, Holly, for her invaluable and committed service to the members throughout negotiations and mediation.

On June 13th Lynden City Hall members unanimously ratify a four year contract with 3.25% increases in each of the four years among other gains. A special thanks goes out to first time negotiation committee member’s, Linda and Dave, for their invaluable and dedicated service to the members throughout negotiations and mediation.

Bellingham Technical College Teamsters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  On Friday, May 11th, Teamsters at Bellingham Technical College overwhelmingly voted to accept a five year Agreement. Many thanks to the members of the negotiating committee: Antonio Coniglio, Tim Hawkins and Kurt Kraft.


May 5, 2018: Local 231 Drivers at Associated Petroleum Products in Anacortes unanimously ratify a new four-year agreement. The newly-ratified contract secures improvements to wages and pension, as well as improved Seniority language and preservation of Bargaining Unit work. Over the term of the agreement, wage parity for all drivers was achieved under this contract. There were also improvements in vacations, holidays, sick leave and jury duty. The strong solidarity from the group allowed them to reach the goals that were set out in the proposal meeting.

Skagit County: Courthouse, District Court & Parks Membership-

The PERC mediated settlement was ratified by the bargaining unit yesterday. We had the largest turnout in recent memory (maybe ever) and I’m glad so many wanted their voices heard. It was also great to see so many members exercise their right to vote on a contract. It has been a long and arduous road to get to this point, but we are finally here. Now, the numbers….

We had about an 88 to 89 percent voter turnout.



$700.00 HRA-VEBA Contribution

$600.00 CASH





Thank you all for your support and solidarity during negotiations and through mediation! 

Daron Smith

Mar 05, 2018
Mar 05, 2018
Feb 17, 2018

Bellingham School District Transportation

Ferndale School District Transportation


Mount Vernon School District Transportation

City of Mount Vernon

Northwest Farm Foods

City of Oak Harbor Public Works

City of Oak Harbor Marina

Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Perdue Foods/Draper Valley

Sanitary Service Drivers

Sanitary Service Shop

Skagit County PUD

Waste Managemant Drivers

Waste Management Shop

Whatcom County Corrections

Whatcom County Master




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