BCS Return to Work Details
Updated On: Jul 14, 2021
  1.  Order and Timeline of Return:  BCS proposes returning strikers in order of classification seniority to their former positions on Thursday, July 15, 2021, as follows:
    1. Maintenance employees will return to work with the following schedules:
      1. Day shift 07:00 – 15:30.
      2. Swing shift 15:00 – 23.30.
      3. Mandatory overtime this coming weekend is unlikely at this time, unless management determines otherwise based upon business needs.
    2. Orchard:
      1. Day shift leadership report 06:30 to BOCS dock 5 conference room.
      2. Day shift (other positions) 07:00 – 15:30.
      3. Swing shift leadership report 15:00 to BOCS dock 5 conference room.
      4. Swing shift (other positions) 15:30 – 00:00.
      5. No graveyard for Rader account – regular graveyard shift employees should report on swing shift.
      6. TOP – graveyard should report to their graveyard shift.
      7. Janitorial/Sanitation report at normal start times.

  1. Squalicum:
    1. Foremen and Leadmen report at 06:00 to Todd’s office.
    2. Team leads report at 06:30 to normal zones.
    3. Account drivers report on normal start times.
    4. All other dayshift 07:00 – 17:00.
    5. Swing shift Foremen and Leadmen report at 16:00 to Todd’s office.
    6. Swing shift team leads report at 16:30 to normal zones.
    7. All other swing shift employees 17:00 - 05:00.
    8. Sanitation 17:00 – 01:30.
    9. Janitorial 07:00 – 15:30.
  2. Roeder CIC report to Central dock office at 07:00.

2. Upcoming Weekend Work:  BCS proposes mandatory weekend overtime for this upcoming weekend, July 17-18, for all bargaining unit employees (except maintenance at this time).  No overtime sign-up sheet will be posted for this upcoming weekend. 

3. Pay:  BCS proposes paying returning strikers consistent with the expired labor agreement upon their return to work.

4. Core Values and Other Reasonable Expectations:  As a reminder, BCS expects all Teamsters employees returning to work to adhere to BCS’ Core Values and to refrain from any conduct that would violate BCS’ policies on anti-harassment, anti-bullying, property damage, etc.  While we do not anticipate there will be any issues, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone again of this expectation.  BCS is also committed to treating everyone with respect and in alignment with its Core Values.

Bellingham Cold Storage Update

On July 13, 2021, Teamsters Local 231 members employed at Bellingham Cold Storage have offered an unconditional return to work, ending their current unfair labor practice strike after fourteen days. The Union is waiting for a response from BCS as to whether they will agree to a return to work without conditions, or if they will institute a lockout.

The Employer returned to the bargaining table with the Union and a Federal Mediator on July 12, 2021. During this mediation session, the Union offered a proposal that addressed many items that were important to the Employer and included economic proposals that are very much in line with the industry currently. The Employer moved from their most recent “last, best, and final” offer and presented the Union with a counteroffer, showing they are willing to continue negotiations.

Doug Thomas, BCS President and CEO, sent a letter to the employees following our mediation session stating that it is his intention to “bargain in good faith” and “to do right by our people”. Given these actions and statements by the Employer, and in an effort to begin to repair the overwhelming service failures to the BCS customers caused by the poorly skilled, out of state replacement workers, the Teamster members offered to return to work unconditionally.

It is our sincere hope that with this good faith effort by the workers, Doug Thomas will be a “man of his word” and follow through with his statements, and the Parties will be able to continue to bargain and compromise until an agreement is reached.

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